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Good choice for fish drying / seafood drying-Low temperature dehumidification dryer

In the past, all kinds of dry meat were made under the environment of low temperature outside the ground. The time limit and the weather limit were very large. It took a lot of energy and the output was not high. To this end, Dryfree has developed a low-temperature dehumidifier dryer, which specializes in drying all kinds of meat and seafood


The Dryfree low temperature dehumidification dryer can be dried according to the constant temperature of different materials, suitable for aquatic products and other flavors with low temperature air drying. Drying temperature: 5-40 ℃ constant temperature air drying. (The drying temperature can be set according to the non-drying stage working conditions).

The Dryfree low-temperature dehumidifier dryer is suitable for drying various fish products: such as seafood: sea cucumber, abalone, eel, cuttlefish, horse-faced fish, salmon (barramundi), yellow croaker, whitebait, red fish, yellow croaker , Defatted yellow croaker, yellow croaker, shark fin, octopus, red fish, dragon fish, razor clam, razor clam, squid, willow fish, mackerel palladium fish, cod, salmon and shrimp, shellfish, etc. Such as freshwater fish: Wuchang fish (bream), white fish (Aquarius), herring, grass carp, drunk fish, rainbow trout, silver carp, small fish, hairy fish, spicy fish, flavor fish and so on.

Dryfree low temperature dehumidification dryer is suitable for drying various meat products: such as sausage, ham, plate duck, sauce duck, wind goose, salted goose, roast duck, smoked chicken, air dried beef, air dried chicken, air dried duck, air dried goose, Braised bamboo rats, braised dogs, duck feet, braised chicken legs, chicken wings, bacon, etc.

Features of Dryfree low temperature dehumidification dryer:

1. The principle of low-temperature heat pump recovery is adopted, which is close to the natural air-drying quality in winter in the north.

2. The hot air is closed in the dryer, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy.

3. Forced circulation makes the temperature difference between up and down in the dryer small.

4. The air temperature and humidity of the dryer are automatically controlled to ensure the proper temperature and humidity required for drying.

5. Adopt 30-40 degrees relative low temperature drying. The dried sea cucumber has high quality, no cracking, good color, good nutritional elements, good rehydration and big water.

6. Automatic control of drying time, realizing automatic management.


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Post time: Jul-14-2020