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Can the sludge dryer use forward heat transfer?

In the drying operation of sludge dryer, according to the movement direction of materials and hot air flow, it can be divided into two ways: forward heat transfer and reverse heat transfer. So, can the forward heat transfer method be used for drying the sludge?

sludge dehydration

1. When we use a sludge dryer to process the sludge, no matter what kind of sludge, the water content is generally relatively large. If you use the dryer to deal with it at this time, it is not only easy to enter Adhesion occurs at the feed opening, and it will also stick to the inner wall of the cylinder during the drying process. In severe cases, it may even block, which affects the normal drying operation and is harmful to the equipment. The forward heat transfer method can make the high-humidity sludge fully contact with the high-temperature flue gas when it enters the dryer, quickly remove the internal moisture, and prevent the phenomenon of sticking to the wall.

2. Adopt forward heat transfer to the operation of sludge dryer, which can make the surface of high-humidity materials crust quickly under the action of high temperature, greatly reduce the viscosity of sludge, and help to increase the drying speed of sludge. At the same time, the forward heat transfer method can greatly reduce the moisture content of the hot gas when it comes into contact with the material. This can greatly improve the thermal efficiency, reduce the waste of heat, and greatly enhance the sludge transfer. Thermal mass transfer effect.

3. At the feed end of the sludge dryer, the moisture content of the material is large, and the temperature of the hot air flow is also high. At this time, the heat and mass transfer effect is the strongest. As the sludge continues to move toward the discharge end in the dryer drum, the temperature of the hot air flow closer to the discharge end is lower, and the moisture in the sludge material is also less and less, which is to a large extent. The drying efficiency and quality of the sludge are guaranteed, and the temperature of the finished product is too high or the paste phenomenon occurs during the drying process.


Therefore, for the sludge materials with high humidity and high viscosity, the forward heat transfer of the sludge dryer can not only improve the heat utilization rate, but also effectively ensure the drying quality of the materials, which is a more suitable choice for the majority of users the way.

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Post time: Aug-17-2020