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What are the characteristics of the new sludge dryer?

Everyone should be familiar with the dryer. We also need to use this equipment in family life. We often use the dryer in industrial enterprises, but the drying object is different. According to different drying objects, the dryer It is divided into completely different types, and there are many kinds of dryers used in the industrial field. For example, the sludge dewatering dryer is one of the equipments for treating sludge.

The targeted drying machine has a higher working efficiency. For the treatment of special objects like sludge, the drying machine must have some targeted features to meet the processing needs. The moisture content of the sludge is relatively large. And its viscosity is very high, it is not easy to deal with, its moisture is difficult to be discharged, the rate of heat generation is very slow, if the operation speed of the drying equipment is also very slow, it will cost a lot to deal with sludge More time, so the design of the internal structure of the drying machine is very important.


The new type of sludge drying machine uses a drum-type drying design. After this special design of its internal structure, its heating area becomes larger, and the efficiency of heat conduction is also higher. The drying machine can quickly generate heat and can be quickly dried. This is also designed to reduce the contact between the sludge and the inside of the equipment and reduce its contact with the equipment. This is also a very difficult thing to deal with. In the process of processing, a large amount of residue will remain inside the equipment, which will cause corrosion to the equipment and reduce the working efficiency of the equipment, which will lead to an increase in the cost of the enterprise. To reduce the cost of sludge treatment, the reform of the drying machine is necessary.


The new type of sludge drying machine uses a new type of braking device, which has greater kinetic energy, and it meets China’s environmental protection standards, which can reduce secondary pollution to the environment. The majority of enterprises should support the popularization and development of environmental protection equipment To actively purchase such equipment.

Features of the new sludge dryer, Xiaobian introduced here, I hope to help everyone. For more information about the sludge dryer, you can visit the official website, or you can consult online customer service.

Post time: Aug-18-2020