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The drying process of the mushroom dryer directly affects the sales price of mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms have been named Shanzhen since ancient times. They are rich in nutritional value and delicious. The dried products of Shiitake mushrooms include winter mushrooms, flower mushrooms, thick mushrooms and thin mushrooms. However, due to the current technology of mushroom dryers, the color, aroma, and appearance of dried mushrooms have defects, which affect the commodity value of mushrooms. If the mushrooms are processed well, the price can be doubled.


Dry naturally. Mushrooms should stop spraying water two days before picking, and choose sunny weather. When the mushrooms and thick mushrooms have partially ruptured membranes, about 5-7 minutes are mature, or the winter mushrooms and thin mushrooms have ruptured the membrane. The cover edge has not been fully unfolded, there is a small amount of inner roll, and it is picked when the color changes from white to brown. Handle the roots of the mushrooms and gently pull them up. After picking, dry them according to their size and thickness, and adjust the direction by the movement of the sun. They can be dried in 3-4 sunny days. The shorter the drying time, the better the quality of the mushrooms. At this time, the volume of the mushrooms is about 20%, which is slightly higher than the standard volume of the mushrooms, and the fragrance of the mushrooms can be dried after more than 50 degrees. Therefore, Drying the shiitake mushrooms for half drying and then forcibly dehydrating them with hot air is a more economical and effective method for drying the shiitake mushrooms.

2. Traditional drying box. The performance of the shiitake dryer must meet the drying and dehydration standards of shiitake mushrooms. The temperature and flow rate of the drying air can be adjusted according to the situation. At present, the drying box is the main drying equipment for shiitake mushrooms. Put into the drying box within 3-4 hours. According to the size and thickness of the shiitake mushrooms, open and non-open umbrellas are classified and screened. The pleats are arranged uniformly and evenly, and then the good quality and bad, large and thick are placed on different sieve layers.

3. Environmental protection dryer. Dryfree special new type mushroom drying machine is driven by a small amount of electric energy, compressed air heating, energy saving and high efficiency, stable performance, uniform heating, good moisture removal effect, intelligent operation in the drying process, the baked mushrooms are full and rounded. , Even shrinkage, dark brown mushroom cover and pleasing color, mushroom pleats are milky white, the stripes are clear and do not fall, without the smell of smoke and burnt, deeply loved by market consumers, and can meet export standards. Here we introduce the drying process technology of this new type of professional mushroom drying machine.

Post time: Jul-30-2020