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Why can’t the sludge dryer make the sludge dry?

In the process of using the sludge dewatering dryer, sometimes the phenomenon that the sludge is not dried at one time may occur. In this way, not only a lot of heat energy is wasted, but when it is dried again, it will also reduce work efficiency and increase costs. So Why can’t the sludge dryer make the sludge dry?


First, when the humidity of the sludge material is too high, the heat required for drying will be very much. If we do not understand the basic characteristics of this high-humidity sludge, but put it directly in the dryer for processing when the moisture is very high, it is easy to cause the sludge dryer to dry at one time. The dry situation appeared. In order to avoid this situation, we can dehydrate the high-moisture sludge first, and then perform the drying operation within the appropriate moisture content range.

Secondly, when the worker feeds too much to the sludge dryer at one time, the drying equipment will be overloaded. Under the same heat and temperature conditions, the drying quality of the sludge will be reduced. In order to form a situation where the sludge dryer can not be dried at one time. Therefore, maintaining a uniform feed rate for the dryer is also one of the important conditions to avoid the sludge dryer drying at one time.

Third, the working principle of the sludge dryer is mainly completed by the heat exchange between the wet sludge and the high-temperature air flow in the dryer. Therefore, sufficient heat resources and stable temperature are the key to ensure the efficiency and quality of sludge drying. However, if there are cracks in the cylinder during the drying process, or there are air leaks in the conveying pipe, it will cause insufficient heat in the drying cylinder. In this way, it is inevitable that the sludge dryer will not dry at one time.

If we find that the moisture content of the sludge after drying is unqualified in the process of drying the sludge, and there is a situation where the sludge dewatering dryer can not be dried at one time, we must find out the reasons in time and make corresponding solutions to avoid Bring certain economic losses to users.

Post time: Sep-07-2020