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Can you dry beef and kill bacteria in a meat dryer?

The jerky dryer is suitable for drying and sterilizing jerky. The drying speed is fast, the sterilization effect is good, the product quality is good, at the same time, the energy consumption is saved, and there is no environmental pollution. It is an advanced drying equipment.

Most of the traditional beef jerky drying uses natural air drying. The disadvantages of this drying method are long drying time, easy breeding of bacteria, poor quality of finished products, and serious sanitation pollution. The use of air energy heat pump drying equipment to dry beef not only has a short drying time, but also has a good sterilization effect, which greatly improves production efficiency.


Drying process of beef jerky:

1. The purpose of baking is mainly to promote color development and dehydration. Put a large piece of meat flattened on the sieve into the drying oven, the drying temperature is 55 ~ 60 ℃, the preliminary baking temperature can be slightly higher. When the thickness of the meat slice is 0.2-0.3 cm, it is better to dry it to 25% moisture content.

2. Roasting: Roasting is to further ripen the semi-finished products at high temperature and make the texture soft, resulting in a good barbecue smell and oily appearance. When baking, the semi-finished product can be placed on the stainless steel mesh baking tray of the oven. The temperature of the oven is about 200 ℃, the time is 8 to 10 minutes. The moisture content of the finished product should be less than 20%, generally 13 to 16%.

Working characteristics of air energy heat pump drying equipment:

Low energy consumption and high thermal efficiency

The dried beef retains its original color, aroma, and taste without destroying its nutrients.

Drying equipment is accompanied by sterilization while drying beef, which meets the standards of food safety, avoids the cost of secondary sterilization, and improves the efficiency of the enterprise.

The equipment is small in size and covers a small area, which greatly saves the plant area

The equipment adopts PLC system, intelligent operation, one-key setting, and the system is fully automatic, which realizes assembly line work, which greatly improves the overall production efficiency and the efficiency of the enterprise.

Post time: Sep-08-2020