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How to maintain the unit of sludge dryer?

After each stoppage of the sludge dryer, the sludge on the filter belt of the sludge dryer should be rinsed with the pressure water of the washer to prevent the sludge from hardening and affecting the use effect of the sludge belt dryer. The environment should be cleaned. So how to maintain the main body of the sludge dryer?

sludge dehydration

Check whether the bearing seat of each roller is loose; whether the water pipe is blocked; whether there is debris between the nets; whether the net position is centered, whether the scraper is close; whether the needle pendulum reducer is lubricated; whether the pressure of the system is adjusted; the system Is working properly.

The main speed changer and the new sludge dryer should be replaced with lubricating oil after 400 ~ 500 hours of operation. The old oil should be drained out and the sediment should be cleaned up when the oil is changed. Check the oil level once a month and find that the oil level is over the bottom.

Every 1250 hours of support roller and adjustment roller bearings (single-shift production is about half a year) check the lubrication situation, and add lithium-based grease until it is full.

Guide rolls, press rolls, transmission rolls and other bearings, check the lubrication after every 2500 hours of operation, and add lithium-based grease until it is full.

Based on the lubrication of its supporting equipment, according to the requirements of the respective instruction manual.

The polyhexylene board on the upper and lower scraping assembly should be inspected daily. If damage is found, it should be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid damage to the filter belt.

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Post time: Aug-25-2020