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What is the working medium in a heat pump?

As a phenomenon in nature, just as water flows from a high place to a low place, heat always flows from a high temperature zone to a low temperature zone. But people can create machines, just as the water pump is used to raise the water from a low place to a high place, the use of Dryfree air energy high temperature heat pump dryer can draw heat from low temperature to high temperature. Therefore, the air energy heat pump dryer is essentially a heat lifting device. The function of the Schneider Air Energy heat pump dryer is to extract heat from the surrounding environment and transfer it to the heated object (the object with higher temperature) ), The working principle is the same as that of the refrigerator, and all work according to the reverse Carnot cycle, the only difference is that the working temperature range is different.


When the Dryfree Air Energy High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer works, it consumes part of the energy itself, excavates the energy stored in the environmental medium, and raises the temperature through the heat transfer working fluid circulation system to use, and the power consumed by the entire heat pump device Only a small part of the output power, therefore, the use of air energy high temperature heat pump dryer technology can save a lot of high-grade energy.

In operation, the evaporator absorbs heat from the surrounding environment to evaporate the heat transfer working medium. The temperature and pressure of the working medium vapor are compressed by the compressor. When the high temperature steam is condensed into a liquid through the condenser, the heat released is transferred to the drying In the room. The condensed heat transfer working medium is returned to the evaporator through the expansion valve, and then evaporated again, and so on.

The working fluid of the Dryfree Air High Temperature Heat Pump Dryer used to be Freon. However, because Freon has a destructive effect on the earth ’s atmospheric ozone, in order to protect the earth ’s ecological environment, in addition to improving the cooling coefficient of the heat pump and effectively using energy Dryfree engineers are committed to the research and development of new media, and media that have replaced Freon have been applied.

The medium used by most manufacturers in China today is R22, and the era of using environmentally friendly media R417A and 134A has not yet arrived. Some countries such as Japan have taken the lead in adopting CO2 as a medium, so as not to cause damage to the ozone layer. (So ​​when installing, the copper pipe must be tightly connected to prevent R22 from leaking.) In addition, the above-mentioned heat pump working medium R22, R417A, 134A, CO2 are not harmful to the human body, even if there is leakage, the entire set of equipment is still Is safe.

Post time: Sep-09-2020