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Are there any advantages to installing an indoor dryer vent?

For farmers who need to dry fruits, flowers, meat and other products indoors, what are the benefits of installing dryer vents?Energy-saving dryer vents can prevent equipment aging and help you save up to 10% of the dryer’s energy consumption; the vent device has a floating valve to keep the vent closed when the dryer is not in use. The following are the steps to install the vent of the indoor dryer:

Step 1: The energy-saving dryer vent is closed by two parts. First, insert the smooth edge of the plastic elbow into the bottom of the plastic vent body.

Step 2: Remove the old hood and baffle of the existing dryer vent by removing the screw to prepare the vent; after removing the vent, remove any lint that may have accumulated in the tube.

Step 3: To install a new vent, place the flat part of the elbow on the side of the house, the vent must be installed in a vertical position; align the elbow with the hole on the side of the house, use the top bracket and the elbow to pass through the vent Partially provided screws for installation.

Step 4: If necessary, the entire assembly can be coated with water-based paint.


Post time: Sep-10-2020