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Does using a solar fruit dryer cost less money than a heat pump fruit dryer?

Fruits usually play a very important role in our daily life. We usually eat fruits directly, but some fruits can be made into dried fruits and then eaten. These dried fruits can be eaten as snacks, and often eaten to prevent disease. Now dried fruit is becoming more and more popular, many consumers buy it, so many manufacturers have joined in the manufacture of dried fruit. For a dried fruit manufacturer, it is more cost-effective to choose a solar fruit dryer, or a heat pump Is it cost-effective? Of course, the preferred solar fruit dryer.


(1)Equipment prices

The price of 100kg solar fruit dryer produced by Dryfree is cheaper than other heat pump fruit dryers

(2)Operating costs

Solar fruit dryers use 100% free solar energy to save drying costs.

The small solar dryer produced by Dryfree is suitable for small landowners or families. Depending on the type of fruit and many other factors, this dryer can hold 10-100 kg of sliced wet fruit or vegetables and is ideal for high-quality natural preservation in a micro-enterprise environment.


Solar dryers use solar collectors to heat air directly using air as a heat transfer medium. The air sucked through the system absorbs the heat of the collector, the temperature rises to the required temperature, and then the warm air returns to the drying room for drying operation.

Post time: Sep-11-2020