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What kinds of dryers are there

The dryer is widely used, with the increasingly prominent role of dryer technology. This is very different from the past sales of products mainly relying on price competition. Some drying equipment has high technical content and focuses on the development of new product manufacturers. The benefits are gradually increasing. Nowadays, high-tech products are spawning the backbone enterprises of the drying equipment manufacturing industry. It is likely that the field of fruit and vegetable dryers got rid of vicious price competition and changed the status of small enterprises, which is a signal of natural integration of the industry.


The dryer is mainly divided into belt drying, drum drying, box drying and tower drying. The heat source of the dryer is coal, electricity, gas, etc., and the material has hot air flow type and radiation type in the drying process. The hot air drum drying is the hot air flow moving forward from the tail, fully contacting the material, through heat conduction, convection 1. Full use of radiation heat transfer; direct transfer of heat energy to the material, so that the moisture of the material is continuously evaporated in the barrel, and the air intake device of the material inlet draws a large amount of moisture and wet air flow to prevent secondary pollution caused by dust discharge ; Through internal spiral stirring, sweeping, copy board, to promote the movement of materials to complete the entire drying process; countercurrent conduction dehumidification, to avoid reducing repeated drying procedures.

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Post time: Aug-28-2020