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What size food dryer should I buy for a large number of fruit processing lines in the factory?

The fully automatic belt food dryer produced by Dryfree can meet the requirements of continuous production of large quantities of materials, and the drying line can be formulated according to the different characteristics of the materials. The main drying materials are Chinese medicinal materials such as yam, hawthorn, lily, lisianthus, chrysanthemum, bergamot, daylily, cabbage, chives, pepper, garlic slices and other vegetables, oat grass, royal bamboo grass, straw and other forages, rice , Wheat, oatmeal, rapeseed and other grain materials.


During the working process of the food dryer, the material has good thermal insulation, the material is heated evenly, the drying environment is clean, there is no exhaust gas waste heat emission, no noise pollution, and the quality of the dried product is good. , Cracking, discoloration, oxidation and other inferior effects, thoroughly achieve uniform drying, less loss of nutrients, long storage period, a higher level of effective protection of materials than any traditional drying equipment, and greatly retain the nutrition of the product Ingredients and colors.

Equipment advantages: 1. Most of the hot air circulates in the box, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving. 2. Environmental protection and hygiene. The food dryer uses air to replace coal and charcoal and other energy sources. It combines a small amount of electrical energy to run the host. There is no exhaust waste residue during the drying process, which will not cause any pollution to the atmospheric environment. Development of new energy technology and environmentally friendly drying equipment. 3. High efficiency and low cost. Air energy heat pump food dryer adopts new drying technology, PLC + touch screen programmable control system, temperature and humidity time can be automatically controlled during the drying process. Compared with other drying equipment, the cycle is greatly shortened, and the entire process is automated and intelligent Management, without manual care, save time and effort, the operating cost of the entire drying process is greatly reduced. 4. The whole machine has low noise and stable operation. Automatic temperature control, easy installation and maintenance. 5. A wide range of application, can dry all kinds of materials, is a general drying equipment.

If you are hesitating to choose which food dryer for your fruit processing line, choose Dryfree, your problem can be solved smoothly. Why do you say this way? As a professional dryer manufacturer with 15 years of experience, Dryfree can provide you with a complete drying solution. The production capacity of our fully automatic dried fruit production line equipment reaches 1000 to 3000kg. For today’s market demand, it is difficult to meet the needs of semi-mechanical or traditional production methods. But such a fully automatic dried fruit production line is different, improving the production efficiency and production level of the enterprise!

Post time: Sep-14-2020