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Precautions when working with wood dryer

Notes on using wood dryer:

1. When the wood dryer is used for drying, if conditions permit, it can be equipped with a spray device to make the wood achieve the effect of steaming. The moisture of the wood is gradually drained from the inside out, and the dried wood will not be deformed or internally. Cracks, end cracks, etc.

2. The wood dryer can add a hot air recovery system to recover the discharged hot air, accelerate the speed of airflow in the drying room, speed up the drying time, and improve the utilization of heat energy.

3. Wood drying in the wood dryer is an unsatisfactory thing, so the temperature should not be too fast, otherwise the wood will crack, and the wood stacking should be paid attention to. To the direction of the wind flow, the hot wind can circulate from the stacked wood.

4. Using a wood dryer, it can be dried to any required final moisture content without being restricted by natural conditions; it has a more mature drying theory and process technology, which can guarantee the drying quality; compared with air drying, the drying cycle is short, High production efficiency, small footprint; equipment is not too complicated, long service life, safe and reliable, and good economic effect.

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Post time: Sep-01-2020