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Does heat pump dryer can work well in the cold?

The new technology of heat pump is mainly to solve the technology of heat pump working in cold weather. Low temperature unit refers to the technology that the heat pump machine can still produce domestic hot water in an extremely low temperature environment. Now, heat pump companies are comparing on this, to see who’s heat pump can work at low temperature, who has a greater energy efficiency ratio, heat pump cryogenic unit is a machine specially developed for cold areas. Now many large companies are working on this low-temperature machine. Dryfree have launched a circulating air energy commercial low-temperature model. This model is to solve the problem of frosting, low heat efficiency and inability to heat the air energy heat pump water heater in cold areas. The problem is that when the ambient temperature is -25 degrees Celsius, it can still work normally.


In view of the operating conditions in low temperature areas, ultra-low temperature compressors commonly used in cold areas in Europe and low-temperature high-efficiency environmental protection refrigeration system 404A can be used. When the ambient temperature drops significantly, the heating capacity attenuation is very small, and the heating energy efficiency ratio at low temperature ambient temperature is higher than that of conventional units It is 50% -80% higher, and the energy efficiency ratio is more than 2.0 at -20 ° C, so that the equipment can effectively make the unit operate under the condition of low outdoor temperature. This is a technology for heating under low temperature environment, and still has a high COP value, which can vigorously and quickly heat.

Equipment advantages:

1. Adopt heat pump dehumidification closed circulation drying method, save operating costs, no waste gas emissions, no noise pollution, environmental protection

2. Using our company’s patented recuperative heat pump dehumidification method, which broadens the application of the heat pump system in the field of industrial drying. The drying performance is more than 30% energy-saving than ordinary heat pump dehumidification and drying, which greatly saves operating costs

3. Close to natural drying, the quality of the dried items is good, the color is good,

4. During the drying process, the material is not deformed, cracked, discolored, distorted, oxidized, dried thoroughly, after drying, it has good rehydration, less loss of nutrients, and long storage period.

Post time: Sep-16-2020