Dryfree mainly sells dehydrator, solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and solar+heat pump dryer.

What is pet food dryer

1. Product Description

The heat pump solar food drying equipment produced by Dryfree is equipped with an indirect hot air drying furnace. The hot air generating device and the combustion part are completely isolated, the heating speed is fast, and there is no pollution to the air. The box is equipped with a high-pressure axial fan for uniform ventilation , The speed of moisture removal is fast. Second, second, product features

The drying quality is good, the color is bright, the taste is good, large output, energy saving, and the output can be customized according to the needs of users. Can meet the needs of different users of domestic sales and exports, is the ideal food drying equipment.


3. Scope of application

(1) Seafood: drying of sea cucumber, shark fin, squid, willow fish, cod, shrimp, shellfish.

(2) Meat: chicken, duck, beef

(3) Fruits and vegetables: carrot, cherry, mango, banana, pineapple


Post time: Sep-02-2020