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Can fish go in the dryer?

Many people will ask, if the water content of fish is so high, can it be dried in a food dryer. The answer is yes. With the development of science and technology, the Dryfree fish dryer was born, which solved the problems of unsanitary, energy-consuming and labor-intensive in the above traditional fish drying. The Dryfree Fish Dryer is specially designed for drying fish. The heat source uses a heat pump to dry. The high-efficiency dehumidification system exhausts the moisture in the roasting room in time; the entire process of the drying process is monitored by the computer to accurately control the drying temperature; optimization The air duct arrangement ensures that the temperature in all positions in the roasting room is even. All the materials in the roasting room are evenly heated, the drying degree is uniform after drying, the color is uniform, and there is no pollution, no emissions, high efficiency and low energy consumption during the entire drying process. The dried fish after drying is superior to natural drying and high quality . Due to the relatively high moisture content of fish, special attention should be paid to the control of temperature and humidity during the drying process. Low-temperature drying can be used, the drying temperature is controlled at 40-50 ℃, the entire room needs to ensure the flow of dry air.


Fish drying process:

1. Cleaning: preliminary screening of the loaded small fish, gills, giblets, slag, and cleaning.

2. Steam and steam the cleaned fish in a steamer.

3. Dry, put the steamed fish in the tray and put it on the cart, put the cart in the drying room

The first stage drying temperature is 40 degrees, the time is 3 hours, the humidity is controlled at 55%

The second period of time is 4 hours, the temperature is 60 degrees, and the humidity is controlled at 36%

The third period of time is 3 hours, the temperature is about 68 degrees, and the humidity is controlled at 18%

After the time is over, the oven can be released. At this time, most of the water in the small fish body is completely removed, the entrance is fragrant, and it can be packaged when it reaches the drying standard.

4. Packing: Pack the dried fish in different grades, and keep it away from light.

Technical skills to be noticed in fish drying:

1. The temperature in the early stage should not be too high, so as not to affect the quality after drying

2. Generally, the water content of fish is relatively large. In addition, there are fats and fats in fish, and dehydration is difficult, so it is critical to control the speed of dehydration.

3. The color of dried fish is very important

4. Maintain a certain amount of air during the drying process to avoid water vapor staying on the surface of the material

Post time: Sep-17-2020